Student Support


Library & Computer Lab
Angeles College Los Angeles campus provides full-text virtual library services and is empowered by the LIRN Librarian service which provides our institution access to a team of librarians. The LIRN librarians provide all library usage data using various methods for tracking student usage: Library Book Checkout Logs, In-Library Reference Logs, and LIRN Library login reports.

The City of Industry campus has its own on-site library holdings for local patrons to access books and periodicals through the LIRN online library related to the programs offered at this location. In the LIRN Library environment, students and faculty have access to databases vendors such as ProQuest, GALE, PubMed, and more. The City of Industry campus library is a centrally located resource physically and virtually for all students and faculty and is accessible during classroom hours. The City of Industry facility offers group-study space, a reading room and access to current word processing software and the internet. Refer to the Library web-portal for access to LIRN and College Catalog.

Our Computer Lab serves as a student group-study area. The Computer Lab currently features Desktop stations installed with Windows OS and MS Office and current browsers for online access

Skills Lab
With separate labs for our different programs, Angeles College students receive hands on training in our fully-equipped skills labs before even leaving the classroom. Under direct supervision of our clinical instructors, they become confident and conscientious caregivers in a comfortable, risk-free environment. This ensures each student is fully prepared to assist in patient care once they step foot in a clinical or externship site.

Students without instructor supervision will not have entrance into the labs.

Student Lounge

In the Student Lounge, students can relax, converse, and study before or after classes and on breaks. Open during classroom hours, the lounge is complete with vending services, kitchen appliances, drinking water, and ample seating room to create a comfortable space for students to pass their time.

Clinical & Externship Affiliates

Throughout our programs, students are sent to various clinical sites to complete their hands-on education and to experience patient care through guided instruction. This portion of the curriculum is the only portion conducted away from the Angeles College campus and is held under the direct supervision of a clinical instructor.

Due to the nature of the clinical and externship portion of our programs, we are unable to post a complete and up-to-date list of our affiliates. To learn about participating clinical and externship sites Angeles College is currently working with, please contact the LA Campus at (213) 487-2211 or the City of Industry Campus at (626) 965-5566.

If your medical facility is interested in working with Angeles College, please call the campus office for more information.