Nurse Assistant

The nurse assistant program aims to equip students with the skills to work as entry-level healthcare professionals within a team. The curriculum focuses on training students to provide direct care to patients/residents, administer comfort measures, and accurately handle data. Throughout the program, students will learn about principles of critical thinking, team membership, ethics, caring, communication, and cultural sensitivity. The program consists of classroom lectures, laboratory exercises, and clinical care experiences to ensure that students receive a well-rounded education.

The Nurse Assistant program is offered only at the City of Industry Campus.

Clock Hours
164 hours
(61 hours of theory; 103 hours of laboratory/clinical)
High School Diploma or GED

Module2Patient's Rights31
Module3Interpersonal Skills20
Module4Prevention Management of Catastrophe and Unusual Occurrence11
Module5Body Mechanics24
Module6Medical & Surgical Asepsis28
Module7Weights and Measures11
Module8Patient Care Skills1442
Module9Patient Care Procedures720
Module10Vital Signs36
Module12Emergency Procedures21
Module13Long-Term Care Patient54
Module14Rehabilitative Nursing34
Module15Observation and Charting44
Module16Death and Dying20

Registration Fee$50.00
Books and Equipment$221.0
Total Amount$2,321.00

Campus : Los Angeles

No longer offered at the Los Angeles Campus

Campus : City of Industry

Upcoming Classes : Call us at (626) 965-5566 for Information