Library Donation Policy Banner

​Donation of Books and Other Materials

Donations of materials will be accepted by the Angeles College Library with the following guidelines:

  • The Librarian will evaluate donations for inclusion in the collection in accordance of the library collections development policy.

  • Because the library collection is actively used, no guarantee can be made that any gift will become a permanent addition.

  • Each gift becomes the property of Angeles College. The school reserves the right to determine whether the items will be retained, how the materials will be accessed, and how they will be disposed of.


We accept:

  • Fiction and nonfiction books (hard cover and paperbacks) in good or excellent condition

  • Current textbooks (within the last 5-7 years) in good or excellent condition

We cannot accept:

  • Books in poor condition

  • Incomplete sets of anything

  • Newspapers or magazines

  • Encyclopedias

  • Music CDs

  • VHS or cassette types

  • Textbooks older than 7 years.


The Library does not offer appraisal services.


Upon request, a receipt in the form of a letter acknowledging the donation will be given to the donor at the time of donation. Note: Angeles College is not a 501(c)3 non-profit organization as defined by the IRS. Therefore, any donations are not tax-deductible.

​Value of Donation

In accordance with tax regulations, no dollar value will be stated in the letter of receipt.

​Dropping off Donations

Donations can be brought to the Angeles College Library during regular operating hours.

Larger donations (more than two boxes) requires an appointment. Please call the front desk at 213 487 2211 to schedule a drop off time.