Campus Facilities

At Angeles College,we strive to create an environment our students can thrive in. Whether the need is a room for studying or a place to kick back and relax amongst peers, our campus facilities are available for use, providing each student the opportunity to learn and succeed in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Accessible during campus office hours*, students benefit as they prepare to become a healthcare professional in today’s competitive job market.

The Los Angeles campus of Angeles College occupies 13,807 square feet on the 3rd floor and 2,091 square feet on the 6th floor of Central Plaza, LLC located at 3440 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 310, Los Angeles, California.
The City of Industry campus of Angeles College occupies 7,769 square feet on the 1st and 2nd floor. Located in the business center of the City of Industry along with the cities of Rowland Heights and Hacienda Heights intersecting. The campus is located at 17595 Almahurst St., Suite 101-3, City of Industry, California. All classes held at this location are considered Non-Main Campus courses.

*Campus office hours for both Los Angeles and City of Industry are Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

LA (Main) and CI Campus (Non-Main)

The Los Angeles and City of Industry campuses have their own on-site library holdings for local patrons to access books and periodicals related to the programs offered at each campus location. The library is a centrally located resource for all students and faculty and is accessible during classroom hours. Located adjacent to the classrooms and inside the computer lab, the Los Angeles campus library features a collection of books and periodicals to conduct research and classroom reading assignments.

LA Campus (Main)

With separate labs for our different programs, Angeles College students receive hands on training in our fully-equipped skills labs before even leaving the classroom. Under direct supervision of our clinical instructors, they become confident and conscientious caregivers in a comfortable, risk-free environment. This ensures that each student is fully prepared to assist in patient care once he/she steps foot in a clinical or externship site.

Students without instructor supervision will not be allowed entrance into the labs.

CI Campus (Non-Main)

Located adjacent to the classrooms, the City of Industry skills lab is dedicated to the clinical skills training of the College Health Professions. The Clinical Skills Lab helps to facilitate learning by providing the faculty and students with the setting, models, equipment, and supplies necessary for the acquisition of hands-on clinical skills. Angeles College students receive hands on training in our fully equipped skills lab before even leaving the classroom.

Students without instructor supervision will not be allowed entrance into the lab.

LA Campus (Main)

In the Student Lounge, students can relax, converse, and study before or after classes and on breaks. Open during classroom hours, the lounge is complete with vending services, kitchen appliances, drinking water, and ample seating room to create a comfortable space for students to pass their time.

CI Campus (Non-Main)

The Student Lounge is open during classroom hours and is ideal for studying before or after class or just conversing with classmates. Students are welcome to bring their snacks or meals and relax during lunch or break time. The lounge is equipped with a microwave and plush seating.

LA (Main) and CI Campus (Non-Main)

Throughout our programs, students are sent to various clinical sites to complete their hands-on education and to experience patient care through guided instruction. This portion of the curriculum is the only portion conducted away from the Angeles College campus and is held under the direct supervision of a clinical instructor.

Due to the nature of the clinical and externship portion of our programs, we are unable to post a complete and up-to-date list of our affiliates. To learn about participating clinical and externship sites Angeles College is currently working with, please contact the school at (213) 487-2211 (LA Campus) or (626) 965-5566 (CI Campus).

If your medical facility is interested in working with Angeles College, please call the campus office for more information.

We look forward to seeing you!