Massage Therapy

The massage therapy program provides a comprehensive training in massage therapy with an integrated approach to health and wellness. This program prepares individuals to provide relief and improved health and well-being to clients through the application of manual techniques for manipulating skin, muscles, and connective tissues. Includes instruction in Western (Swedish) massage, trigger point massage, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, reflexology, massage safety and emergency management, client counseling, practice management, applicable regulations, and professional standards and ethics. The program will be taught through lectures, hands on demonstrations, and clinical laboratory training.

The Massage Therapy program is offered at only the City of Industry campus.

Clock Hours
720 hours
(360 hours of theory; 360 hours of laboratory)
High School Diploma or GED

MT001Introduction to Massage Therapy, Anatomy and Physiology3030
MT002Introduction to Kinesiology, Palpation and the Skeletal System3030
MT003Kinesiology, Palpation and the Muscular System3030
MT004Deep Tissue Theory and the Integumentary, Nervous and Endocrine Systems3030
MT005Related Rehabilitative Massage, and the Cardiovascular, Lymphatic and Respiratory Systems3030
MT006Spa and Hydrotherapy Techniques and the Digestive, Urinary and Reproductive Systems3030
MT007ABClinical Pathology and Lab Practicum6060
MT008ABSpecial Populations and Complimentary Holistic Techniques6060
MT009ABProfessional Practices, Product Knowledge¸ and Certification Preparation6060
Registration Fee$50.00
Books and Equipment$392.00
Total Amount$5,050.00

*Federal Financial Aid available!

Campus : Los Angeles

The Massage Therapy program is not offered at the LA Campus at this time.

Campus : City of Industry

Upcoming Classes :
(Please call (626) 965-5566 for additional start dates)

Mon-Thu (Theory/Lab)9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Clinical PracticumTBA

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