Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Angeles College offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program which concentrates on the unique challenges that will be faced in a progressively fluid, technology-driven and global business environment. With a strategic blend of critical thinking skills, practical exercises, a focus on sustainability and an emphasis on ethics, students will focus on developing skills to:

  • Apply business knowledge using data driven decision making to different situations.
  • Understand and articulate multiple perspectives of a problem.
  • Use logical and ethical rationale to determine, define and execute a proposed solution.

A Solid Foundation

Our Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program consists of a comprehensive foundation of practical skills in the areas of accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and IT. Our program is additionally enhanced by organizational behavior skills which concentrates on ethical leadership, emotional intelligence, and strategy. In addition, the capstone project provides a model example of what it is involved in running a successful organization, focusing on management development.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is only offered at the City of Industry Campus.

Clock Hours
620 hours/ 54 Quarter credit units
(620 hours of theory)
Bachelor’s Degree or its Equivalent – Submission of Transcript

Course TypeCourse NumberDescriptionCredit HoursClock HoursPracticum
Core CoursesBUS5100Financial Resource Management440
BUS5130Data-Driven Decision Making Leadership and Organization 440
BUS5170Managerial Accounting440
BUS5180Strategic Business Communications440
BUS5200Operations Management440
BUS5210Managerial Economics440
BUS5270Marketing Management and Planning440
BUS5290Managerial Ethics440
BUS6150Management Information System440
BUS6410International Management440
Elective CoursesBUS6700 Marketing Analytics 440
BUS6730Social Media Marketing440
BUS6800 Health Service Management440
BUS6820Global Health
Capstone/Integrative Project:1060
Capstone CoursesBUS7210Strategic Management I3
Capstone/Integrative Project: 1060
BUS7220Strategic II3
Total Required Credits (Hours) for Graduation54500120
Total Credits (Core Courses & All Electives & Capstone)66620120
Registration Fee$100.00
Books and Equipment$2,500.00
Total Amount$24,802.50

Campus : City of Industry


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