B.S. Nursing (RN to BSN)

This program is open to applicants who have already earned an Associate of Science in Nursing degree or a Hospital Diploma in Nursing. Ideal candidates who are already employed within the healthcare industry as RNs who are seeking advanced positions through higher education.

Ultimately, this program will provide all graduates with the necessary skills to become effective RN managers and administrators in the fast growing healthcare industry. Through a diverse range of courses in Nursing Assessment, Budgeting, clinical Quality Improvement and Nursing leadership, this degree can help RN students learn the tools to become leaders in the diverse healthcare field or within their own area of clinical/professional expertise.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) is offered at only the Los Angeles campus.

*Open to International ASN Applicants

Clock Hours
1160 hours/92 Quarter Credits
(830 theory hours, 60 lab hours, 270 internship hours)
ASN or RN Licensed

ART2020Art History4500
ENG2010English Composition III4500
LTY1500Information Literacy2000
NUT3305Nutrition and Diet Therapy4500
PHI3050Philosophy of Ethics4500
PSY2500Human Development Life Cycle4500
SOC3000Sociology of Diversity4500
NSG3000Professional Issues in Nursing4500
NSG3302Management of Health Care Information Systems4500
NSG3310Nursing Assessment4500
NSG3310LNursing Assessment Lab0600
NSG3324Clinical Pharmacology4500
NSG4101Budgeting in Nursing4500
NSG3132Evidence-Based Practice4500
NSG4130Clinical Quality Improvement4500
NSG4140Nursing Leadership4500
NSG4140PNursing Leadership Practicum0090
NSG4144Population Health4500
NSG4144PPopulation Health Practicum0090
NSG4146Health Policy and Finance4500
Registration Fee$100.00
Books and Equipment$1,615.00
Total Amount$21,966.00

Campus : Los Angeles

Upcoming Classes : Call (213) 487 – 2211
Next Quarter Starts: July 8, 2019

We look forward to seeing you!