B.S. Healthcare Administration

This is an undergraduate professional degree designed to prepare students for entry level management positions in healthcare organizations. Ideal candidates for our BSHA program include students looking for career entry in administration and supervisory roles in the healthcare system and working professionals who are already employed within the healthcare industry and are seeking advanced positions through higher education.

Ultimately, this program will provide all graduates with the necessary skills to become effective managers and administrators in the fast growing healthcare industry. Through a diverse range of courses in finance, ethics, communications, business and various healthcare areas, this degree can help students learn the tools to become leaders in the diverse healthcare field or within their own area of clinical/professional expertise.

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration (BSHA) is offered at only the City of Industry Campus.

Clock Hours
2040 hours/186 Quarter Unit Credits
(1770 theory hours, 270 internship hours)
High School Diploma or GED

ART2020Art History450
COM1000Employment Strategies for Success450
CSS1050Basic Keyboarding and Computer Concepts300
ENG1010English Composition I450
MAT1010Intermediate Algebra450
HIS2010U.S. History450
PHI2040Introduction to Philosophy450
PSY2300Introduction to Psychology450
SOC1050Introduction to Sociology450
ACC1010Accounting Principles I300
BIO1020Introduction to Biology450
BUS1090Introduction to Business450
ENG1020English Composition II (English Literature)450
FIN2400Introduction to Finance450
HCA2110Introduction to Healthcare Management450
HCA3600Healthcare Insurance and Managed Care in US450
HCA3630Healthcare Organizational Behavior450
MAT1500Business Mathematics450
MTA1020Medical Terminology I300
ACC1020Accounting Principles II300
BUS2030Business Communication450
COM1020Communication Skills (Public Speaking)150
ENG2010English Composition III (Business Writing)450
HCA3130Managing Health Organizations & Delivery Systems450
HCA3300Healthcare Marketing450
HCA3580Healthcare Issues and Trends450
HCA3590Healthcare Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement450
HCA3700Fundamentals of Health Organizations450
MTA1030Medical Terminology II300
ACC1030Accounting Principles III300
ANT2040Human Anatomy & Physiology450
HCA3570Healthcare Financial Management450
HCA3680Human Resource Managementin Healthcare Services450
HCA4150Leadership in Health Care Organizations450
HCA4260Healthcare Risk Management450
HCA4400Long-term Care Administration450
HCA4710Management of Health Care Information Systems450
HCA4910Health Law and Ethics450
HCA4950Case Studies in Primary Healthcare (Capstone)450
HCA3900Healthcare Administration Internship0270
Registration Fee$100.00
Books and Equipment$3,560.00
Total Amount$39,000.00

Campus : Los Angeles

The BSHA is not offered at the LA Campus at this time.

Campus : City of Industry

Upcoming Classes : Call (626) 965 – 5566

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