B.A. Business Administration

The focus of the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration will be on foundations of business operations providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to help organizations be successful in today’s globally competitive environment. The Business Administration program provides foundational, workplace-relevant management skills, organizational theory, and operational knowledge which reflect preparation in the essential areas of economics, accounting, finance, management, organizational communications, and marketing. In addition students will develop both a broad knowledge and a capacity for reflective critical thinking through enrollment in a vibrant liberal arts curriculum as part of the Bachelor of Business Administration.

Upon completion, graduates will be equipped with the knowledge to analyze and synthesize company data and other data elements in support of business operations critical to success of the respective organization, business, or corporation. Graduates will especially be prepared to assume entry-level positions in the areas of business operations, management, customer service, purchasing, costs estimation, finances, and marketing as well as the positions of adjusters, public relations specialists, buyers, compensation, and benefits specialists, and other similar positions. A major in business administration prepares graduates for careers in for-profit, nonprofit, and public sector organizations.

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) is offered at the City of Industry Campus.

Clock Hours
1800 hours/ 180 Quarter Credit Units
(1800 hours of theory)
High School Diploma or GED

Course NumberDescriptionCredit HoursClock Hours
CIS1070Introduction to Computer
Information Systems
LTY1500Information Literacy 440
ENG 1010English Composition I440
ENG 1020English Composition II/English
COM1020Communication Skills/Public
COM2030Business Communication440
MAT1010College Algebra440
MAT2100Calculus for Business440
BIO1020Introduction to Biology440
ART2020Art History440
SOC1050 Introduction to Sociology440
PHI2040Introduction to Philosophy440
PSY2300Introduction to Psychology440
HIS2010United States History440
HIS2050World Civilizations since the 16th Century 440
ECO2080Principles of Macroeconomics440
ECO2070Principles of Microeconomics440
ACC2020Accounting I 440
ACC2030Accounting II440
BUS1090Introduction to Business440
FIN2400Introduction to Finance440
MGT2050Business Management Principles 440
BUS3050Business Ethics440
BUS2060Business Law440
MGT3090Business Information Systems440
MKT2050Fundamentals of Marketing440
INB3030International Business440
BUS2050Introduction to Human Resource
BUS3010Organizational Behavior440
FIN4020Financial Management440
INB4030International Finance440
FIN3090Financial Markets and
FIN4030Principles of Investment440
MKT4050Marketing Research & Strategy440
LDR3030Leadership Theory440
HRM4040Labor Relations & Negotiations440
MKT3020Advertising & Promotion440
MKT3050Entrepreneurial Marketing440
MGT3030Introductory Project Management 440
MGT3010Small Business Management440
MKT4020Consumer Behavior & Marketing440
BUS4100Business Applications
MGT4100Strategic Management
Total Required Credits (Clock Hours) for Graduation1801800
Registration Fee$100.00
Books and Equipment$3,300.00
Total Amount$41,302.50

Campus : Los Angeles

No longer offered at the Los Angeles Campus

Campus : City of Industry

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