Home Health Aide

Medical office managers play a vital role in the operation of medical offices. They must have knowledge of administrative and clinical duties as well having managerial skills and an understanding of the business aspects of running a medical office. This course will provide future medical office managers with knowledge, skills, and the personal traits needed to work alongside a physician. This program is designed so that after learning clinical and administrative duties of a medical assistant, the students will learn the professional and managerial skills required to manage medical offices and clinics. The learning will be based on today’s trends in healthcare and the students will learn to master current technology and resources to manage a medical office. The students will also engage in studies for career preparation such as communication skills, human relations, professionalism, problem solving, and employment strategies. After completion of in-class studies, students will undertake externship where they will be placed in a medical office for real-life application of skills and training.

The Home Health Aide program is offered at only the Los Angeles campus.

Clock Hours
40 hours
(20 hours of theory; 20 hours of clinical)
Be a Certified Nurse Assistant

HHA100Introduction to Home Health Aide and Agency20
HHA101Interpretation of Medical and Social Needs50
HHA102Personal Care Services515
HHA104Cleaning and Care Tasks at Home32
Registration Fee$50.00
Books and Equipment$115.00
Total Amount$800.00

Campus : Los Angeles

Upcoming Classes :  Call (213) 487 – 2211

Wed-Fri (Theory)9:00 am – 4:15 pm
Wed-Fri (Clinical)7:00 am – 2:15 pm

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